28.4 - 4.5.2024.

This retreat is calling to anyone who desires to slow down, spend time in nature, relax and experience the healing powers of nature. 

Through the lens of herbalism and forest therapy, we will use our senses creatively and explore our relationship to nature and ourselves. 

“Living with nature” is about tuning into your senses and your inner world while at the same time getting to know practical tools to foster your connection to nature.  

You will be staying at a beautiful and cozy house close to the Lima River, where you can find the space and time to recharge and be with yourself.  

This retreat will be held with a maximum of 12 people which allows for a safe and cozy atmosphere. 

For more information check this link Travessia do Sol  


During this workshop we will discover some of the most common wild plants that are edible and provide us with deep nourishment. We will focus on the basics of plant identification, get to know some edible wild plants and learn about their use in the kitchen. At the end we will make a tasty 3 course lunch together by using wild plants. The meal will be vegetarian, but there will also be enough vegan options.

Date: 16th of September

Time: 11:00 am till ca 13:30 pm

Price: 40 € per Person including lunch and small herbal take away

Location: Stadtsgroenteboer,Nico Broekhuysenweg 20, 1067 HT Amsterdam

Registration through my email, including if you have any allergies or a special diet. Deadline for registration till the 12th of September. 


On this day, I like to take you on a small herb walk (1,5- 2h) in the Amsterdamse Bos. We will look at wild plants that are edible and or/are used medicinally whilst enjoying a calm forest walk.Start will be at 11:00 and price per Person is 15€. Registration through email:


Are you curious about wild plants and would like to know more about how to recognize them? Are you interested in alternative ways of healing and would like to learn about the medicinal properties of plants and how to use them? Then I invite you for a day outside, where we discover the healing powers of plants. 


In this workshop you will get an introduction into the ancient art of herbalism and the use of wild plants as medicine. 

You will learn how to safely identify common wild medicinal plants, how to consciously harvest them and how their properties can be used for our wellbeing. 

In order to better connect to the plants and get an understanding about their uses, we will make 3 medicinal remedies which you can take home with you. 

As we will spend three hours outside, I recommend bringing sun protection, good shoes and some extra water. Maybe you also like to bring a small notebook. 

Looking forward to see you there. 

Registration through email:

Time: 14:00 till 17:00

Location: Stadtsgroenteboer,Nico Broekhuysenweg 20, 1067 HT Amsterdam

Price: 55€ per Person 

Taught in English 

Spring is finally here and we can observe how nature is slowly waking up from it´s long winter nap. 

We can spot the first buds of trees opening, flowers shining in the sun and even see bees, who are flying out for their first meals.

Now is the perfect time to go out into nature and discover which nourishing wild herbs the soil has to offer!  In Herbalism early spring is also the time to cleanse the body from the long winter days on which we might have had a rather heavy diet and didn´t have sufficient access to fresh green and a variety of nutrients. Luckily nature has timed it just perfect so that many of the early spring herbs are perfect to boost our health and stimulate our digestive system.

In the Workshop we will look more closely at the most common spring herbs. You will learn how to recognize them, where to find them and how to use them in the kitchen and as a herbal remedy.  Besides, you will learn some basics of Botany and Herbalism, which will help you later to identify wild plants by yourself.

The key when learning about wild plants is the direct interaction with them. Therefore, you will be able to create two unique herbal products, which you take home with you. :)

Registration through me via

Hope to see you there !